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Spoke with Sam De La Garza Fiesta Brand Manager

Ford Fiesta sedan
2011 models mfg. after Jul. 2010
results also apply to: 2011 Ford Fiesta hatchback (mfg. after Jul. 2010)

This is the TITLE to the link you provided. Even Sam, in our conversation said that they were “shocked and suprised” that IIHS worded the rating specifically excluding the Pre July 2010 cars. He is very supportive, and was disappointed to say the least in the exemption language, he was not expecting it.

Without the NHTSA rating, the only official testing that has been done, is Ford’s own testing. I feel better about the situation than I did yesterday. Sam was very frank and forthcoming. I am still disappointing but gained a tremendous amount of respect for Sam taking time to speak to me.
n my conversation with Sam yesterday, he explained the whole process of how they test the cars internally. I have no reason to believe that he was telling me nothing more than the 100% truth. I would venture based on his explanation that their tests are probably much more intense than the IIHS or NHTSA. I concede that fact. As I said before, Sam said the IIHS caveat about the pre July 2010 vehicles caught them off guard as well, I can’t remember how he put it exactly, but needless to say they were not expecting it, and I think they were a bit suprised (my assumption here) that the articles also included the fact in the “in your face” tone that they did, i.e. Jalopnik’s article “You early adopters are out of luck”. That statement, right there from Jalopnik’s article is what really pissed me off. Sam said that the expected right away, after reading the article that they knew it was probably going to set off a hornets nest of folks on the blogs and forums. He told me that he was planning something to put everyone’s mind at ease, such as coming here and posting, and I expect the “live chat event” on Ford’s website that was referenced earlier is probably aimed at calming some of that chatter.
Out of respect for Sam, and his willingness to take time out of his day to talk to me, I did not press him on further details. My question to him was “What can you tell me” His analogy for the fix/upgrade/use of the word Robust was like packing a box to send your mother and deciding to put an extra piece of packing tape on the box.

Thats what the conversation consisted of, other than some personal banter and pleasantries.

We will see. It will be interesting to see what NHTSA has to say. Clearly they won’t be testing pre July 2010 cars so we will probably never know what really the difference is unless someone can get their hands on the diagrams out of the service manual of the two doors and compare the drawings.